Hi! I’m Solaleh Moradi. I’m a 34 year old photographer from Iran. I’ve been based in the Netherlands since 2014. I specialize in artistic and event photography. I also really enjoy photographing kids and have been branching out into real estate photography, as well. The photographs that I create nowadays are the result of 18 years of non-stop efforts to improve my craft.

My pictures are not just coming from the camera; they are born from my point of view and my heart. Art and philosophy starts in my brain, grows in my soul and comes out through my camera. For me, every day is a new day. A new day to gain new experiences.

Photography began with me from love. Love of life. Loving to live. Love of colors. Love of creating. The love of observation. All of my photographs have some meaning and a story behind them. From a kid who wouldn’t trade the taste of his favorite cookie for the world to the struggling man contemplating his next steps in life.

In the past 18 years, I’ve delved into many different categories of photography. Portraits, events, theater, cinema, etc. I also won an international award for Best Short Movie. For the past few years, I’ve focused mainly on event photography and have been shooting quite a bit of real estate, as well.

I hope you will enjoy my photographs. I appreciate the time you spend viewing them. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.