Suppose you are in the middle of organizing your event. There is a lot of pressure to get everything done on time and on budget. One element of your event that may seem less relevant is arranging a good event photographer. Why would you hire one? You could take some pictures with your smartphone or ask a friend. But…

There are quite a few reasons to hire a professional. A professional will take high quality pictures that you can use for multiple purposes. Purposes such as:

  • Store and share memories of the event with participants
  • Promoting the (recurring) event and attracting new participants
  • Publish during the event in media or on social media: “Pics or it never happened”
  • Pictures as content for your professional website or blog

All of these purposes cannot be fulfilled without hiring a professional that shoots high quality pictures.

To ensure the best photographer for you:

  • Check the portfolio. If you see bad angles, closed eyes, strangely cropped pictures, etc.. this is generally a bad sign. Most important is the feeling you get from the pictures. Do the pictures touch you?
  • Make sure the details are clear upfront. Discuss the detailed program and which elements should definitely be photographed. Dress code, deadlines, picture rights… All are important details that makes the professional stand out.

If you feel that I may be the best photographer for your event, please do not hesitate to contact me!